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County Executive, Anne Arundel County
Steve Schuh
410-222-7000 (main info line)

County Councilman, Councilmanic District 6
Chris Trumbauer

District 33 State Senator
Ed Reilly
(410) 841-3568

AA County Pothole Repair
Pothole Hotline: 410-222-7045
Pothole Email:
"Give us a call or send us an email with the street address of the pothole and we will respond and repair your pothole within 2 business days." 

District 33 Delegates (3 delegates)

Tony McConkey
(410) 841-3406

Sid Saab
(410) 841-3551 

Vacant (because Cathy Vitale appointed to a different position)

Anne Arundel County Police
Southern District Detective Sergeant

Police Non-Emergency Contact
Lieutenant George Halpin

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If you are in supply, or demand, of a service, send your information to and we'll post it here!

(All ages listed are the ages of the indivduals in 2011.)

Babysitting Available

Abby Hawver, 16, 410-224-2754
Emily Hawver, 13, 410-224-2754
Laura Finnegan, 18, 443-875-7890
Kathleen Finnegan, 16, 443-875-7892
Alexandra Lee Nowe, 410-224-2363

Pet Sitting Available:

Abby Hawver, 16, 410-224-2754
Emily Hawver, 13, 410-224-2754
Ryan Brown, 13, 410-266-1508
Kim Le, 410-573-1741
Andrew Watson, 16, 410-224-0175

Lawn Care:

Abby Hawver, 16, 410-224-2754
Emily Hawver, 13, 410-224-2754
Donnie Finnegan, 14, 443-875-7891
Tien Le, 15, 410-573-1741
Andrew Watson, 16, 410-224-0175


-Deborah Stoeckle, 410-897-5975
English as a 2nd language, child or adult, tutoring for school or the workplace

-Hank Gottlich, 410-224-4279
Math and Science for middle and high school students.

-Abby Hawver, 410-224-2754
Students through 9th grade.


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