-11/2, Wednesday, 7:30pm
General Community Meeting
RKES Library


-12/11, Sunday, Time TBD
West Annapolis FD Santa Run

- 12/18, Sunday, Time TBD
Santa Visits Rolling Knolls

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Rolling Knolls Elementary Update

The school is scheduled to open before the end of March. really looking good -- in the words of the furniture provider- "It is a beauty."

Once the classes are moved over the staff has one week to clean everything out of the old building -- then it will start to be torn down.

This will take 6 months -- to tear down the old school and then prepare the new athletic fields. Therefore, at earliest the athletic fields will be ready by October 2017 (the fields have to have one year to stabilize).  

Proposed Assisted Living Facility

There is a proposal for an assisted living facility directly across the street from the Knollwood entrance to the community, situated at 1933 and 1935 General's Hwy.  

View Conceptual Plan Of The Development

The developer, called The Shelter Group,  applied for a special exception use of the property, which is the first step in gaining all the necessary approvals.  On 17-Dec-2013, a hearing took place and their application was denied. However, the developer appealed.  RKCA took a position against the appeal, which included participation from many residents who cited concerns including traffic, public sewer, inconsistent zoning, and inadequacy of public facilities.

View Written Testimony Against the Appeal 

On 2-Oct-2014, we received the decision from the Board of Appeals, who ruled in favor of the Developer.  What this means is that the Developer is granted a Special Exception Permit for their proposal.  They still have to conduct a traffic study, but the probability that the facility will be built is very high.  They have a time extension to do all of this, and construction probably would begin in 2016.  The RKCA board will now focus on minimizing the facility's impact on the community.

View the Decision From the Board of Appeals

-As our new fiscal year begins we are now accepting dues. Your annual elective contribution of $25 per household goes towards funding the Association’s modest annual budget, which we use for events and improvements throughout the year. Payment can be made via PayPal on, or c/o Justin Wild, RKCA Treasurer, 515 Ridge Rd.

Our Fiscal Year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  If you are confused as to whether or not you paid the current fiscal year or the previous year, we are happy to provide that information for you.


Will a New School Mean Redistricting?

Ostensibly, no.  AACPS has indicated that the increased capacity of the new elementary school (see update below) is not automatically tied to school redistricting (that could lead to more students).  However, the below county diagram suggests that this area of the county may receive redistricting.  AACPS officials maintain that Rolling Knolls Elementary is not the focus of upcoming redistricting efforts.


--The Latest RK Elementary School Update

View County School Enrollment Predictions

View Project Details

Building Elevations

Some Relevant Facts:

Square Footage

Current Building - 38,951 sq ft
This figure does NOT include the 7 relocatable trailers or the storage container 

New Building - 85,400 sq ft
There will be new areas that do not exist in the current building including: a separate gym and cafeteria rather than the current multipurpose room, a dedicated room for before and after care with own entrance, dedicated vocal music room, dedicated instrumental music room. In addition, the media center will be much larger, the front office is probably double the current size and the nurse's office is much bigger. The size of the spaces in the new building are determined by the education specifications which I believe come from the state.


Current State Rated Capacity - 362
Sept. 2012 Actual Enrollment - 465 (Full-time Equivalent) , 483 (total students) Note: the difference between these figures is Pre-K students. They only attend a half day, so there are 40 actual students but only 20 in the building at a time. I think the afternoon class wasn't at full capacity last year so that is why the difference is 18, not 20. 

New State Rated Capacity - 598
Future enrollment - new school is currently projected to open Aug 2016 (assuming receives funding and the project stays on track). Projected enrollment for 2016 (when new school is scheduled to open) is 485. This is the highest projected enrollment over the next 9 years. These figures are full-time equivalents.

Parking Lot

Current - 52 spaces (including 3 handicapped and 3 reserved)

New school - 122 spaces in the parking lot, 8 additional spaces between drop-off loop and service area (east of drop off loop) for a total of 130 spaces
Driveway entrance in vicinity of where trailers currently sit, runs behind existing school.
According to the design development document, approximately 54 cars can be queued onsite. The goal was to prevent cars from stopping on Valley Road. 

Bus Loop

Current - 6 buses serve RKE
New - designed to handle 8 buses

Bus loop will be across from Wayward Dr. and crosswalk will be reconfigured. I believe it will be on the north corner of Wayward rather than the south and a new crosswalk will be added across Wayward


--A large water tower adjacent to the community is under construction.

Click here to view DPW Water Tower Presentation